Allergy to cow milk protein

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Cow's milk protein allergy in infants is one of the challenges of the last decade due to cow milk protein that the body immune response against the wrong enemy has deemed it pays to produce antibodies against it.

Symptoms often an allergic reaction is mainly engaged in the child's gastrointestinal system, skin and respiratory system and lead to restlessness devices baby flatulence, vomiting and reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus attacks and weight gain disorders and respiratory system wheezing the sonorous breathing nose, coughing and sneezing, and in advanced cases of childhood asthma symptoms and skin eczema and rough skin on the face and then the first body in the limbs. Skin involvement usually indicates the severity of the disease and the vulnerability of children exposed to the allergen, such as cow's milk protein meat and all dairy products and other food antigens Nzyrtkhm similar in poultry, soybeans, kiwi, and sometimes fish, and wheat.

But the greatest sign that often causes concern for parents and pediatricians are referring to the presence of blood in the feces of infants with intestinal bleeding caused by colitis or colon polyps in children.

Children with allergies to cow's milk protein allergy prone to chronic diseases such as sinusitis and middle ear infections and name as well as chronic diseases such as gastrointestinal irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, with protests and pain bleeding in adulthood are, of course, with the management and treatment of early-stage breast milk if diagnosed at the same age fable timely prevention and control.

Symptoms in babies who are exclusively breastfed Considering the fact that these proteins to pass a value of 1 in 100 breast milder and sometimes until the time of supplemental nutrition for children to delay, but in the children who dry milk are often more severe symptoms and will occur at an earlier age.

Diagnosis using stool samples and measure the level of antibody to the extent possible, but a reliable method for the diagnosis of bovine origin of the problem is to remove allergens such as dairy mother's diet for at least two weeks if it cuts symptoms after discontinuing the substance and then return again starting substance can be symptoms to diagnosis was close.

Mother cow's milk protein allergies are children with consumption of meat and dairy products should be of bovine origin, Kiwi, soy, eggs, fish, and peanuts made ​​some provision that mothers may experience worsening of symptoms is to avoid This does does not mean that all children are allergic patient and be the mother of all these substances gradually and one by one to remove the above-mentioned foods from your diet, and the sensitivity of the child to any of the material testing the water, if Done sensitive material removed completely from the diet should be noted that these mothers need to eat regularly act calcium pills to maintain your health and can livestock such as sheep and goats milk and dairy products often replace other products a bovine.

Mothers often until the age of 8 months suckling period recommended regimen and his personal experience, most mothers can gradually and cautiously towards taking the allergens from the age of 8 months after the child to act if it was tolerated of the child to the continue to use that material.

Treatment of children with cow milk allergy include avoiding allergens and prevent the mother from taking these substances to start supplementary feeding for children and infants, they should use the milk powder milk, such as milk diet on the basis of formula strongly hydrolyzate other than cow's milk formula such as Nyvkyt or Nvtramyzhn or Aptamya Ppty Jr. .... 2nd generation antihistamine drugs used to control allergy symptoms, especially in cases of conflict such as Zadytyn skin and respiratory system and will help keep the skin moist baby moisturizing skin creams may relieve symptoms as well as taking one or two courses of probiotic products can reduce long-term complications of the disease in your digestive system.


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